Valente Mufflers

About Us

Catalytic Converter

For over 14 years, Valente Mufflers has served Fountain Valley, CA and surrounding areas with expert skill handed down throughout our years in operation.

Every mechanic possesses the gift of understanding the customer’s needs. Our team listens to what you’re asking for and delivers the best service you could ever get.

Close knit business

Out team consists of less than 20 employees. Why? Because we believe that every service relies heavily on personalization.

For every customer that comes, there’s a skilled employee ready to give you the best customer experience and at the same time provide a high-quality diagnostics and repair.

Car Maintenance

At Valente Mufflers, our staff helps customers with a variety of car problems. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction throughout the diagnostic and repair process.

Take advantage of our FREE Estimate and fully understand the repairs needed before they begin.